Goodyear 1835

Charles Goodyear circa 1835

The Honorable Colonel Charles Goodyear (December 29, 1800 - July 4, 1900) was an American inventor, businessman, politician, millionaire, and a key figure in the history of the Republican Union. During his life, he went from being poor and penniless to owning the wealthiest and most profitable company in the world, Colonel Goodyear Enterprises. He invented vulcanized rubber, the railroad, and the power of flight. Though one of the most cherished and respected figures in the Republican Union, he was hated outside its borders as a bigoted ethnicist, anti-religious freedom, anti-immigrant, demagogue, and was infamous for brutally abusing his tens of thousands of workers. He is considered one of the Founders of the Republican Union; despite not being involved in its creation, it was Goodyear who first helped to turn the Union into a racist fascist dictatorship.

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