The Republican Union, abbreviated R.U., and sometimes known as the Republican Union of America, is a sovereign state in North America. It borders the Kingdom of Quebec, Europan Canada, and Russian Alyeska to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Gran Colombia to the south, and the Kingdom of California to the west. In addition, it possesses numerous territories in the Pacific Ocean. 

Paleo-Indians originally migrated to the Americas at least 12,000 years ago. European Powers first began colonizing the continents in the 16th century. The United States emerged from thirteen British colonies that broke away from the crown during the American Revolutionary War. In 1801, the United States dissolved due to economic failure and political corruption. 

The R.U. consisted of the former northern states of the USA, the south having seceded. By 1805, the nation's government, a consulate based on the French revolutionary and Ancient Roman systems of government, was fully established. The young nation was badly scarred by a brutal British invasion during the War of 1812, the effects of which are still felt to this day. 

After the disastrous War of 1812, the young republic began aggressively expanding across North America, acquiring new territories, annexing smaller states, and eliminating the Native American tribes until it spanned the continent by the 1850's. 

In 1860, the Great American War began, which saw all the Southron nations but Carolina reincorporated into the Union. Following this, the ambitions of the RU took a more global turn as Cuba, Mexico, and Hawaii were all violently annexed. 

The RU is the oldest surviving federation, although in reality the various states are almost entirely subject to the Federal Government and rarely if ever exercise their theoretical sovereignty. The RU is a de facto one-party state ruled by a President who serves for life. 

Early HistoryEdit

The R.U. came into being in 1801 after the hanging of US President John Adams and Vice President Alexander Hamilton for treason, due to their vote rigging and the disastrous Franco-American War. The chaos surrounding the Adams Administration triggered mass secession, with the independent states of Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, Georgia, and Vermont forming in the aftermath. The rest of the old United States formed the Republican Union.
Early Republican Union Flag

The Original Flag of the Republican Union

In the aftermath of the secession, the RU got dragged into the War of 1812 by a combination of French bullying and their own desire to annex parts or all of Canada. Under the command of Generals Drummond and MacDonald, the British forces in Canada subjected the RU to the most brutal invasion in modern history up to that point. Boston and New York City were almost razed to the ground, and dozens of towns were slaughtered by the British forces. Although the RU forces eventually managed to rout the Canadians, the damage had been done.
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