The United States of America was a confederation in North America that existed from its Declaration of Independence on 4 July 1776 until its formal dissolution in 31 October 1801. It consisted of thirteen former British colonies that had successfully rebelled against Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783).

It was bordered by British Canada to the north, Spanish Louisiana to the west, Spanish Florida to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

History Edit

Beginnings of the American Revolution Edit

American Revolutionary War Edit

After Independence Edit

After attaining full independence from the Treaty of Paris (1783), the young United States lacked a government capable of handling the issues of such a large nation, which would lay the groundwork for its eventual collapse. In the eyes of many historians, only the meager centralization efforts of the early 1790's and the masterful taping-together of the colonies under President George Washington were the only things that kept the United States in the 19th century at all.

Federalist Takeover Edit

Franco-American War Edit

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On January 1, 1799, the United States government rang in the New Year by declaring war on the French Republic and Kingdom of Spain. Almost immediately, the war was lambasted across the nation, especially by Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans as "utterly and reprehensibly stupid", and claiming that Hamilton had fooled Adams into believing the pathetically weak United States had become a military giant overnight.

The War would prove utterly disastrous for the country, resulting in the death of George Washington and nearly the entire US Navy, and would end up being the final nail in the coffin for the young republic.

Collapse Edit

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Following their disastrous defeats in the war, talks of secession reached an all-time high. General Andrew Jackson led the states of North Carolina and South Carolina first, followed by Vermont, Virginia, and Georgia. After the Treason Trials of 4 July 1801 President John Adams and Vice President Alexander Hamilton were both executed and the USA's official dissolution came three months later.

Government Edit

The United States of America was a confederal republic with all judicial, executive, and legislative powers vested in a Congress of the Confederation, in which each state had one vote.

The Confederation Congress would prove to be a monumentally useless body. Every resolution had to be unanimously passed, the delegates were not actually required to attend, and it was largely powerless against the influences of the individual states.

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